Small-town charm is bursting at every turn while a big city's conveniences surround its vicinity

Welcome to Westbury

A family-friendly neighborhood with beautiful parks and great dining 
Westbury is a peaceful suburban neighborhood in Harris County, Texas. Nestled in the Brays Oak district of southwest Houston, the community attracts many families and professionals with its quiet atmosphere and family-friendly vibe. Homes throughout the area are up-to-date and well-maintained, with properties that range from chic condominiums to high-end estates. Small-town charm is bursting at every turn while a big city's conveniences surround its vicinity. 
With fabulous outdoor spaces and trendy gathering spots, Westbury has a great variety of places to attend for entertainment, recreation, and leisure. The neighborhood is still relatively unknown compared to other suburban enclaves in the greater metropolitan area, so new venues to explore are always popping up. Its convenient location close to the 610 loop also satisfies commuters, with downtown Houston just 15 minutes away. As one of the best residential neighborhoods to live in Harris County, Westbury is a fantastic place to call home. 

What to Love

  • Lush parks and beautiful outdoor spaces 
  • A family-friendly community with a peaceful atmosphere 
  • Great restaurants and lively bars
  • A prime location with proximity to commercial districts 

Local Lifestyle

Life in Westbury is peaceful and laid-back. The neighborhood offers a relaxing oasis away from the hustle and bustle of major commercial districts, and the quality of life throughout the community is high. Most people lead an active lifestyle and spend ample time frequenting the plethora of outdoor parks in the area. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Westbury has a great selection of hip establishments to explore in the neighborhood. The restaurant scene has excellent options to choose from that can satisfy any group. E’s Smokin’ BBQ is a hotspot amongst residents for its mouth-watering barbeque, and locals often flock to Annie’s Hamburgers to enjoy their gourmet comfort food. For those looking to unwind with a drink, Cozy Corner is a staple in the community providing a great social setting and upbeat ambiance. Elite Lounge is another great place to kick back that offers a lively environment. 
As far as shopping goes, residents of Westbury have a variety of stores to choose from in the neighborhood and around its vicinity. There are supermarkets and pharmacies in the community for grocery and convenience items, several specialty stores for home improvement, and Samaritan Furniture for home furnishings. Residents venture slightly outside the border to visit central commercial districts for most retail items. The largest mall in all of Texas, The Galleria, can be reached 10 minutes away. With hundreds of Luxury stores in its fabulous directory and lots of excellent spots to eat, it’s easy to spend an entire day exploring this magnificent complex. 

Things to Do

There are plenty of fun activities for residents and visitors of Westbury to enjoy with family and friends. The lush parks throughout the neighborhood provide excellent destinations to spend time in the great outdoors, with Westbury Park and Haviland Park being two of the most popular. The Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve provides a gorgeous, relaxing setting on a sunny afternoon. It has over 300 acres of lakes, picnic areas, and open land, attracting locals from all over Houston. The Westbury Community Garden is a gem in the neighborhood for nature enthusiasts who value environmental sustainability. 


Residents of Westbury have a blend of public and private schools. Students attend the Houston Independent School District, which is widely recognized as a top-performing district in the state and consistently receives high rankings. 

Work With Us

We help families move during every life phase, when our clients are not on the hunt for a home our team offers income-generating opportunities through various residential streams. In addition, our company is passionate about creating a better community. Our team is always looking for ways to develop and improve homes and commercial property to benefit the community through construction improvements.